The Global Esports Federation Welcomes New International Federations

New partnerships strengthen the global esports ecosystem that celebrates and inspires youth.


26 August 2020


The Global Esports Federation welcomes leading International Federation members, International Surfing Association and World Archery, demonstrating its continued efforts to convene the world’s esports ecosystem and connect with sport, reaching out to new audiences worldwide.



The Global Esports Federation strengthens efforts to secure greater global collaborations between esports and sport.



“The interest and development of esports continues its rapid rise worldwide with greater convergence between esports and sport,” said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation. “We welcome the interest and support from the International Federations to join the esports community and work on evolving physical sport experiences in the digital age. There are powerful opportunities to collaborate with our technology partners through the Global Esports Federation’s #worldconnected platform and connect with the world’s youth.”


The inclusion of International Federation members strengthens the GEF’s commitment to bridge esports and sport. Working in collaboration with the GEF’s Global Partner for interactive technology, Refract, the GEF continues to ramp up its efforts in developing digital assets to showcase its ability to connect youth to sport through esports and virtual sport.


“We live in times where virtual gaming and esports are taking on a whole new relevance. The rapid growth of esports also represents an opportunity for surfing and the ISA to access and engage new audiences. We are optimistic the partnership with the GEF will help position us on the wave of virtual sport, fulfilling the ISA’s mission to drive accessibility and universal participation,” said Fernando Aguerre, President, International Surfing Association.


Prof. Dr. Ugur Erdener, President, World Archery, said, “World Archery sees great potential in appealing to a younger audience and better engaging sport fans in the esports space. Archery is already prevalent in video gaming and we see this collaboration with the Global Esports Federation as a ground-breaking opportunity to bring the virtual and physical activities together. It has the potential to be an exciting and innovative next chapter for the sport.”



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