Federation confirms global partner to pioneer active esports worldwide, encouraging world’s

youth participation.


16 June 2020


In a move that spotlights the developing power and potential between esports and sport, the Global Esports Federation today confirms leading International Federations, World Taekwondo and International Tennis Federation, as members. The GEF also appoints technology innovation company, Refract as Global Partner for Interactive Technology to pioneer active esports worldwide.


 World Taekwondo and International Tennis Federation confirm membership with the Global Esports Federation,

Refract appointed as Global Partner to pioneer active esports worldwide


“The Global Esports Federation was established to convene the global esports community and celebrate esports. We have experienced an incredible acceleration in our engagement with the world’s International Federations during this unprecedented time,” said Chris Chan, President, Global Esports Federation. “The state of play for sport is progressing rapidly. We are set to support the International Federations in joining the world’s publishers, developers and the entire esports community in developing new platforms to evolve a real sport experience in this digital age.”


The GEF is committed to pioneer the development of sport-based esports or active esports, in addition to growing traditional esports. This aspect of esports showcases physical movement powered by technology, with virtual and augmented reality. It simulates real sport practice and promotes competition based on the universal principles of inclusivity, gender equality and fair play.


“Participation from the International Federations cements the Global Esports Federation’s commitment in developing digital properties in active esports. The undeniable power of sport elevated with technology can bring youth to sport and sport to youth. We are building a community where we connect and learn together – particularly with Millennials, Generation Z and Generation Alpha, by proactively reaching out and engaging with them to use esports as a catalyst for all kinds of social connection,” said Paul J. Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Global Esports Federation.


Dr. Chungwon Choue, President, World Taekwondo, said, “We are thrilled to be an active member for the development of active esports. Now more than ever, we need to embrace technological advancement and promote healthy and active lifestyles around the world.”

“Esports brings the worlds of virtual and physical action together to create an all-new and exciting way to consume, interact and engage with sports. Esports present a myriad of opportunities for innovation and growth. The International Tennis Federation is keen to play an active part in global development as a Global Esports Federation member,” said Kelly Fairweather, COO, International Tennis Federation.


Refract, the newly appointed Global Partner for Interactive Technology, meanwhile, creates opportunities through gaming and entertainment to extend human experience beyond reality. The company conceptualizes and builds products to support and pioneer active gaming and active esports.


“Refract believes the gap of physical activity between video games and traditional sports can be bridged by technology. We are developing technologies for a future where playing video games and being physically active are not mutually exclusive,” said Michael Chng, Chief Executive Officer, Refract Technologies Pte Ltd.


Launched on December 16, 2019, in Singapore, the Global Esports Federation proudly draws on a diverse range of experience and expertise from the world of esports and the sporting community to help develop the credibility, legitimacy and prestige of esports in society. Tencent, one of the world’s leading technology companies, is the Founding Global Partner of the GEF. The Federation was founded to further elevate the future of esports, bringing the global community together through a #worldconnected.

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