28 April 2020 - Commission gives direct voice to athletes and players, inaugural meeting held today.

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) today confirms the initial composition of the GEF Athletes and Players Commission to focus on the inclusion, fair play, education and the holistic development of career pathways for athletes and players; in line with GEF’s mission to convene the world’s esports ecosystem through a #worldconnected.


Charmaine Crooks

The Commission is chaired by Charmaine Crooks, C.M, OLY, Vice President of the GEF, five-time Olympian and winner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Women in Sports Trophy. In addition to serving as a Board Member of the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Soccer Association, Charmaine is a highly sought-after strategist and speaker, founding member of the IOC’s Ethics Commission, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Foundation Board, former member of the IOC Athletes Commission, and Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games Board. She leads the Commission with professional gamer, esports athlete and entrepreneur, Koen Schobbers from the Netherlands, serving as the Vice Chair of the Commission.


“I am thrilled to bring my experiences as an Olympian, administrator, and entrepreneur with a deep passion for sport and technology – together with Koen, we will advise the GEF Board and help shape the organisation, convening this incredibly inclusive community, and uplift the lives of so many through the Global Esports Federation development platforms and #worldconnected outreach,” said Charmaine Crooks, Chair, Athletes and Players Commission, Global Esports Federation.

The Athletes and Players Commission will advise the GEF Board on matters relating to representation of international esports athletes, focusing on championing the role of athletes and facilitating the players community engagement with the GEF. The Commission will also oversee the staging of a global platform to convene athletes and players through various sharing and learning platforms, esports competitions and tournaments. The Commission comprises an equal representation of gender, generation, and vocations, providing a diverse range of skills, experiences, and competencies; further demonstrating GEF’s emphasis on inclusion and diversity.


“I’m honoured and excited to work with Charmaine Crooks and the whole #worldconnected team at the Global Esports Federation. Esports is the sport of the modern era – it’s our time. Our initial group of athletes and players will pave the way for more to join. We have to take proper care of our community and keep improving the wellbeing of the athletes and to empower them to keep levelling-up their game, because without athletes, there is no esports,” said Koen Schobbers, Vice Chair, Athletes and Players Commission, Global Esports Federation.


Left: Koen Schobbers, and Right: Aerial Powers

The Athletes and Players Commission is supported by a series of members from various vocations in esports and sports, including US-based Melita N. Moore, M.D., Sports Medicine/eSports Medicine Physician and International Speaker @levelupdoctor; Ukrainian professional tennis player, Sergei Bubka; and global influencer in esports, WNBA star of the Washington Mystics, and brand ambassador for Health-e-Gamer, Geekletes and eFuse, Aerial Powers.


“My life is not one thing or another. I am a WNBA athlete; I am a gamer; and I love the competition and the community. I’m ecstatic to join Global Esports Federation and the A&P Commission to power a stronger #worldconnected", said  Aerial Powers, Member of Athletes and Players Commission, Global Esports Federation.


The Athletes and Players Commission is further supported by Singapore-based Tan Wearn Haw, Advisor to the Commission and Director at Singapore National Youth Sports Institute, and leader at Female Esports League (FSL), Tammy Tang as Commission Administrator.


Launched on 16 December 2019 in Singapore, the Global Esports Federation proudly draws on the diverse range of experience and expertise from the world of esports and the sporting community, to help develop the credibility, legitimacy, and prestige of esports in society. Tencent, one of the world’s leading technology companies, is the Founding Global Partner of the GEF. The Federation was founded to further elevate the future of esports, bringing the global community together through a #worldconnected.

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